April 23, 2007

Keep it so simple!
Although this wasn't a simple paint job it looks like it...
I didn't want pinstripes or any thing. The transitions are seamless.
The flames have a med flake and are the same color as factory.
I had them fade a little darker at the ends.
I think it turned out great!
The front end was disassembled and sanded, reassembled and painted,
taped and the flames shot.
There are 8 coats of clear, color sanded between each coat.
This picture does not do this paint job justice.
I see a lot of Cruisers in my area with flame jobs since having this done,
But none look as good as mine.
This PT looks so good and the graphics subtle enough to be factory.
I had this done for my wife at the same time I had my Harley painted,
she can't imagine not having it look like this,
and thinks stock paint is boring.
Thanks for looking, I hope it gives you some idias for yours...