January 24, 2005

Please add this on the event calender too for April 2, 2005. Thank you, Flik.

I have one more show to throw at you guys in April. I hated them being so close, but this one is for the local Project Graduation. I know you guys would bring a very interesting element to the show! All money recieved is turned to the seniors. We have a Scion class too if you guys have any tricked out Scion Buddies.

Breakin Out 2005
April 2, 2005, Saturday
Lumberton High School, Lumberton, Texas. Just minutes north of Beaumont, Texas on 69.
Information can be directed to me at 4096513545 or email flik@gt.rr.com

Thank you for your time and hope to see you guys come in and get a chance at the club award.

Mild 1985 - Up
Wild 1985 – Up
1973 – 1984
Pre 1972
Mini Truck Mild
Mini Truck Wild
4x4 Mild
4x4 Wild
Full-Size SUV Mild
Full-size SUV Wild
Mini SUV Mild
Mini SUV Wild
PT Cruisers
Under Construction:
Under Construction Truck & SUV
Domestic Mild
Domestic Wild
Import Mild
Import Wild
Corvette Pre 1984
Corvette 1985 - UP
Mustang Pre 1986
Mustang 1987 - Up
Antique Pre 1949
Antique 1950 - Up
Street Custom Pre 1949
Street Custom 1950 - Up
Race & Drag Cars
Under Construction:
Under Construction Car
Cruisers Domestic
Cruisers Imports
Super Bikes
Custom – Choppers
Special Interest
Special Interest

Special Awards:

Best Interior
Best Engine
Best Paint
Lowest Car
Lowest Fullsize Truck
Lowest Mini Truck
Best of Show
Club Participations: